Friday, September 6, 2013

Talented by Sophie Davis

Talented by Sophie Davis
This was a great start for this series. A futuristic setting life on earth life has been turned upside down after the great contamination spill.
This causing the next generation of children to have abnormalities.
Some are more special than others,they are called Talented.
The government wants all children tested and used for the government purpose.
Talia is in school to become a Hunter, to find and kill the man that killed her parents, she have a lot to learn with help of her partners Erik and Henri she might make it.
Little do she know that heart break and betrayal will hit so close to home.
This story is filled will excitement and emotions it will have cheering for the good guy.
I really was into this book the first time out. Love it !!!

The Reading Corner is over joyed with  5 stars

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